Welcome to my tiny corner of the interwebs. I am glad you're here.

My photography practice is all about energetic connections and my sessions are laid back, fluid, and the whole process is meant to be stress-free.  

Come as you are. You are welcome here.



photo by: Nicholas Tagliareni

Boring, Amy

I'm a 4th generation California Native, a Whitefish, Montana transplant, and I am free to move about the country traveling to different cities to capture the people and places as I am called. 

I'll forever be working on a dedicated yoga practice, and doing my best to be the best version of me. 

Additional random tidbits in no particular order:

  • Nikon
  • Weimaraner rescue
  • National Park lover 
  • #foundmypark : Glacier
  • Alpine lakes and rivers
  • Reverse Engineering
  • TV/Cable free since 2004 by choice. 
  • Holistic Nutrition Certification
  • Reiki practitioner 
  • Skywatcher 
  • Heart rocks and clouds 
  • 200hr RYT


I picked up a camera in high school and never made any earthshaking images. Then, I got a Secondary Education BA with an emphasis in photography and graphic design. No amazing work there either.

Then this cool dog came along with the rise of digital photography. Shryner, was my main photography squeeze long before I started this people focused adventure ten years ago. He was the spark that put everything I had learned in high school and college, in motion.  

He was most photographed between 6-9 years old and then, like a teenager, he was done hamming it up. He lived to be almost 12.5. Then, I somehow immediately found my way to Weimaraner rescue where rehabilitation and rehoming became the focus. 

Road Tripper

Throwing a backpack together and hitting the open road with a little direction and zero plans is my most favorite thing to do and live music.

The philosophy of wandering has led to many great adventures. The latest and greatest to include documenting the rebuild at Sperry Chalet in Glacier National Park and starting Stories of the People. 

Stay tuned and enjoy your stay.